Saturday, February 26, 2011


Everybody knows her!

a punk singer who play her role as the vocalist of the band Black Stones, also known as Blast. Sometimes displays a tough exterior, but can become very emotional, to the point in which she has trouble breathing.
Her fashion was boldy black and red blended and so Vivienne Westwood, that's why I love her. This cosplay is enough for Nana O live performance.. cool!~~

Opps! my UNKNOWN cosplay runs into 33!!, if you know some of them-please let me know ~thanks before for your help.

Have a nice day!

Lonely Bride | Corpse bride

If I touch a burning candle, I can feel no pain. If you cut me with a knife, it's still the same. And I know her heart is beating, and I know that I am dead; yet the pain here that I feel, try and tell me it's not real, and it seems that I still have a tear to shed.

-Corpse Bride-

June May the Fireflies | Cloth Road

June May as the top model of the top brand Royal Castrato,  has every right to be proud of herself. She is seen as selfish, manipulative, and even narcissistic(^^;). While famously kind and attractive to the commoners, her demeanor changes completely in private.
The concept is works! good job~should be nice if uses rose thorns over her hair like an original.:-P

Caroline | Glamour Soul in Paradise Kiss

Long time no see!,, and welcome to my new Cosfam, thank you for follow me. very appreciated that.^^
in this ordinary morning, and ordinary activity, cosplay as unussual life always make alternative to imagination limit, so lets begin this day in imagination and hope for next(waking dream).
an ordinary high school student who bored in repetitive and meaningless life. After being "kidnapped" by Isabella and whisked away to Paradise Kiss's "atelier", she begins to discover new depth to her personality and life. Her real name is Hayasaka Yukari and "Caroline" is her stage name(named by Miwako).

I've another Yukari cosplay in garden dress, but I prefer this.^w^Unique face model in Caroline cosplay is gorgeous...dramatically grand. I love this high fashion look!! very gorgeous.. good job for the team~

Monday, February 14, 2011

Miki Kaoru+Kozue Kaoru | Revolutionary Girl Utena

Miki is an ingenuous and polite seventh grader who known for his skill with the piano. as a genius student, he is lonely, sheltered, and insecure, and seeks a person who is just as pure and talented as him.

Kozue Kaoru is Miki's twin sister, Kozue feels overshadowed by her brother's talents and reacts by dating with many different men. She's extremely possessive of Miki to the point where she physically hurts anyone who tries to hurt or "steal" him.

My last post for this valentine~~and once again,,

Happy Valentine for you all, especially for my CosFam, lets make a pinky day!!


Valentine Kagamine | Vocaloid 2

Looking for romantic couple, Kagamine Len and Rin is the perfect popular couple. White and pink, very valentine! this photo comes from Momoren photofolio, and inthisturn, Momoren pretty match with Rin nice!!Tasha figure is look good too!

Hatsune Miku+Kaito | vocaloid 2

the lover always hear the situation clearly together,, that's the message!

Hearing music together just familiar in anymany anime, in class, subway, school rooftop...and always has romantic look..
Pretty simple!

Twister Twin | Original Creation

a lot of original everywhere and for me their original twin is the rule...very closely sibling (attached), interesting and horrorable cosplay. I like the photo like this one...khihihihihi(devil laugh~~)

Takashi Abe+ Ren Mihashi | Ohkiku Furikabutte

..or Big Windup! is a baseball manga by Asa Higuchi.

The protagonist is Mihashi(Blonde) whose nervousness and extreme lack of self-confidence is at odds with his skill, a result of his passion and dedication to pitching.

And Takashi abe forms the team's battery along with Mihashi.Abe is a serious and mature character, whose short temper is often inadvertently provoked by Mihashi. He is very strategically-minded and initially values Mihashi for his obedience in team games. Abe is a capable catcher, signaling Mihashi the right pitches after thoroughly examining his opponent.

This just a simple situation in daily life, don't try too hard, but has a good quality for liven up the character.good job!

Prince the Ripper Belphegor+Fran | Katekyo hitman Reborn

the pretty unique character! Belphegor is a member of the Independent Vongola Assassination Group, Varia. Once a Prince at 8 years of age of an unnamed country, he stabbed his older Twin brother, Rasiel and was presumed dead. He is known as "Prince the Ripper" because of this event.

and Fran, he is Mammon's replacement as the Varia's illusionist and because of this he must wear a large gray frog hat to symbolise this. Despite acting antagonistically towards the other members of the Varia, he has a calm and collected demeanor, constantly verbally bullying them.

I don't follow this anime(just read manga-first edition ^^:), I just interest for the character design in it,, so I don't know how their relation really..but they two looks closely like friend~or yaoi couple~I've seen some picture like that..

Chizuru Yukimura + Todou Heisuke | Hakuoki : Sweet School Life

Hakuoki Shinsengumi Kitan SSL version, all character from Shinsengumi Kitan just transfered in school as teachers, vice president, student, etc...sound interesting!  the lover is Chizuru Yukimura, 1st year, the only girl in Haku Academy. Childhood friends with Heisuke Todo..are they a lover? Romantic cosplayphoto by Kitamuraseri^^

Vocaloid 2 | Hatsune Miku | Luka Megurine

an impressive duetto vocaloid, like to see them^^childish and elegant figure like siblings sisters. The cosplayer is Tasha(offcourse!as Luka) and her partner Momoren who cosplay as Hikaru before this...Finally I found her CN(before just known as Ren^^).luvitluvit!!^^
and this is an activity after this!

Evangelion | my valentine

About this Eva-girls cosplay, I've ever post here.

Happy Valentine for you all, especially for my CosFam!
Hope all of you being Pink because of love~~~chu!

Every kind of shop filled with thousand red and pink color chocos, roses with uniquely shape. the lovers looks happy and the singles feel left out...
hey guys! Valentine's day is not just for lover!that's a beautiful day for spreading love like nice morning for biking. lets smile and do something different or unussual in this sweet day, we've all we need to love arround I chillin' out with my best friend for life,make single party holiday!how about you?

don't left my blog untimely, I still have 8 cosplay to share, Ten couples(include Lambdadelta) cosplay for this valentine,,ok!Lets begin!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Lambdadelta + Bernkastel | Umineko no Naku Koro ni

"Lambdadelta" (λδ) represents thirty-four when using Greek numerals and "Miyo" (三四) can be translated as "three, four" in Japanese, strengthening their connection.
Lambdadelta is the blonde girl who has lived for a thousand years.

and the indigo one is her best friend and rival named Bernkastel.
Despite her cute looks and despite how she seems emotionless, she truly has a extremely twisted personality. She is very sadistic and is willing to kill and sacrifice anything or anyone for her own amusement.

This is a beautiful yinyang composition but Momoren's expression is doesn't match with this character, or they two have another story to tell in this photo?

Friday, February 11, 2011

GARO Savior in the Dark | GARO

 "Where there is light, shadows lurk and fear reigns... yet by the blade of Knights, mankind was given hope..."

Golden Knight Garo, The tokusatsu that show about the dissension of Makai Kishi and Horror. Makai Kishi in the protagonist and horror in the antagonist side. All of Makai Kishin use an armor from Soul Metal from generation to generation. Garo is the one of the generation. Some familiar storylines just used in, a brother must fight his siblings who infected by horror, familiar enough with youknowwhatimean..^^
Right character in the right hand, and the result is Masterpiece! I loves every details in his armor^^very happy has this cosplay in my collection. once more,,taa-daa!^^

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Golden Athena | Angelic Layer

Kirae as Golden Athena, the variation of the original blue. Athena's deus is Shuko Suzuhara, the mother who left Misaki at 5 years old to her grandparents. Athena has won the National Games championship in all three years of its existence and is the undisputed champion of Angelic Layer. It can create powerful powerballs, called Astral Emission, and fly with wings. During their fight Hikaru also learned to do this.
Kirae's Athena is the rules of the other Angelic layer cosplay i ever seen, very strong! I want to see athena in Wings last post for science fiction theme. seeyah!!

Zero | Apocalypse Zero

This is an amazing tokusatsu costume by Felio and little bit photoediting by me..for make an efficient subject in photo..^^everything in detail!Great cosplay art!

Apocalypse Zero or Kakugo no Susume in Japanese is an anime that categorized in post-apocalyptic fiction, the popular genres after World War II.

Like the most of tokusatsu hero, Zero has a human as the medium, he is Kakugo Hagakure..

..and like Kamen Rider Black, the protagonist must fight his brother, the main antagonist of the series. in Apocalypse Zero, the main antagonist is Kakugo's older sister.

Mari Illustrious Makinami | Evangelion 2.0: You Can (Not) Advance

Mari is shown to have an enigmatic personality. Out of all the pilots, she is the only one who admits that she genuinely enjoys piloting. Her repeated comments suggest that she has a liking to the smell of LCL.

She also appears to have reduced inhibitions and even identifies Shinji as a pilot in their first encounter by crawling up to him on all fours and sniffing for the smell of LCL.

Mari uses two distinct plugsuits over the course of the film. The first is the unusual green and white suit and the pink one with white trim-very similar to Kaworu's.

Simply cosplay with beautiful photograph.^^

Clare | Claymore

Koyuki as Claire, a distant and quiet Claymore.

Clare is ranked as the lowest and weakest of all Claymores. But, since she took in blood of a Claymore(Teresa), she is less Youma than any Claymore before her, therefore she has the ability to go over the limit of a normal Claymore.

I love her pose, setting and the lighting over her hair...BuT her costume doesn't accurate,,1st for her gloves, 2nd for her suit..3rd for her boots. Koyuki give useless protectors on her gloves and boots, but for her suit, Koyuki's choice is right. The material is more efficient for battle, and good detail for her suit(the edges)..Koyuki's sword looks cool!^^

Tron's Laser Edge on Nia Teppelin | Anti Spiral Messenger | Guren Lagann

"Without Tron there would be no Toy Story"

TRON laser edge is not a new idea(exception if you are in 1982). It's already been used in any media, like .hack//GU, Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha's Boost Device by Caro and Lutecia, in the earlier season of Yu-Gi-Oh!, as the Atlantian technology on Atlantis: The Lost Empire, present in all the riders of the Kamen Rider Faiz universe-which powers all the gears, several ships-especially Lost Technology, in the Galaxy Angel gameverse, etc ..

and this cosplay for one of them, Anti Spiral Nia from Tegen Toppa Gurren Lagan, this is it..

the layer behind Nia is Asami Uki who cosplaying Nia before this. Check This out!^^

She has a dazzling smile as Nia Teppelin, if Asami-chan could portray Nia-Anti Spiral Messenger character in a deep of darkness...this will be an excellent cosplay.

C.C open this day | Code Geass

Morning Cos-Fam!This is February, a month of love, but I don't in mood to use a standart post theme(loves-pinkyblinking). 

But, I'll enjoy your eye(and surely my eyes!) in couple cosplay, couple of friends, parent and child, lovers(light yaoi-yuri is ok!No for explicit), or anycosplay that shown in couple series(little bit photoediting :-P)..

When??surely at 14 February, that's coming soon!

Ok1Enjoy today post in the Science Fiction post theme...
C.C open this day, She's here
Before she gained the power of Geass, C.C. was a ten-year-old orphaned slave. A nun gave C.C. the power of Geass that made everyone fall in love with her(one of them?) She grew tired of the love without limits and focused more on the nun, the only one who was above C.C.'s power. However, when C.C.'s power evolved to its highest point, the nun revealed that she never cared for C.C. and was only using her so that she could escape her immortal life. I love the photograph.^^good sense!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Heisuke Todo | Hakuoki : Shinsengumi Kitan

I don't sure how the character really look in Anime, but I like how Kotori as kid has a seriously project in cosplay world, her hairstyling and her costume looks fit in her small figure^^luv u, Kotori^^

Heisuke is a young member of the Shinsengumi. He is around the same age as Chizuru. He leaves the Shinsengumi, following Itou along with Hajime Saitou, but later returns. He too has taken Ochimizu to recover from injuries.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Akito Wanijima | Air Gear

Akito/Agito Wanijima, a two personality person. Akito as innocent personality and Agito is bloodthirsty nature. 冰璃 make the bloodthirsty character. Impressive livng character. Good job for you!^^

They are originally part of the Wind SWAT team, in which they are treated like a tool by their older brother, Kaito. Ikki eventually saves them, and they join Kogarasumaru. They switch who is in control by using an eye patch.

Another personality, Lind Wanijima, emerges during the battle with Orca. He claims to be the original personality and he is much stronger than the other two, utilizing the Fang Regalia on a different level. He is a "brain charger", or a person who has been "charged" with the ability of gravity children.
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