Sunday, December 19, 2010

Beleth | Lineage II

My last post for this week...tenth post for SuperAmaZzzinG Beleth(Lineage II) by Yukigodbless.

at Lineage II, the armor artwork looks superamazing and for live, Yukigodbless has a masterpiece one. Seriously detailed.....just can said you're a crazy cosplayer, very addicted..Great job! This is it...

Good bye for next week!! bai-bai...hope you'll like this edition..(^o ^ )//bai-bai!!

Sophie Hatter | Howl Moving Castle

not many cosplay character that can be done by grandma/grandpa, and the role of Sophie Hatter is one they can do. She is Kira Winter's grandma, Anna Vasilyevna. Very lovely cosplay, Ilovethat (^w^)v

Sophie Hatter from Howl Moving Castle, the eldest of the Hatter sisters, has red-gold hair and is rather pretty, although she doesn't perceive herself as such. She becomes more lovely as her confidence grows and she stops wearing grey.

Sakura-Hime | Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle

Purely beautiful cosplay with stunning props, not trying to be excessive at all, somehow looks beautiful. cool depth of field, place and nice idea for strecthing the fabrics for wind effect. Sakura by Chrome-sensei(7fap), photo by Ashitaro. Great job!

Sakura is a princess(hime) of Kingdom of Clow, daughter of the late king Clow Reed who befriends and falls in love with Syaoran during her childhood. A powerful force strips her of her memories and magical abilities, which takes the form of feathers. All the feathers are spread throughout different parallel worlds. To retrieve the feathers and thereby save her life, she and Syaoran are sent to Yūko, who gives them the use of Mokona in exchange for Sakura's memory of Syaoran, which causes him to be absent from any memories restored to her.

Alice | Alice in Wonderland

Alice will never die!! 
a Breathtaking photo by Kira Winter as photographer and conceptor. 

The light is pretty awesome(all lighting effect are real!!),, \^0^/ Miraculous! 

Rei Ayanami | Neon genesis Evangelion

Vampy photofolio again!hahaha

(O.O) (O.O) wow
too beautiful to passed..looks very smooth with digital editing, Vampy always has surprise fact on her cosplay picture experience.

 for this picture, she was do wig cut, styling, and armor by herself. and the fun fact is Vampy and her digital artist also built a real figure for this picture background. I admire her skills, GreAt Welldone.

Jo | Bakuretsu Tenshi

a genetically engineered war machine in human form, Jo. just Jo,,no family naming...

One thing that i love in this photo is the background setting, graffiti on wall and err...wall plumbing/pipes or whateverr makes strong effect for all related photoshoot. May be Maucosplay wanna tell us about Jo's daily activity near her 'home', rented room at the corner of city.

Kuroi Mato | Black Rock Shooter

Fourth post for UltRaGorgeoUZ cosplay picture of Black Rock Shooter.

Pretty DONE by Vampbeauty who cosplaying as Morgan before. Computer graphic on this image has done for background, hair, and blue flame on her eyes.
Very amazed find out her coat just portrait in riples like that WOW! this is it..
Black Rock Shooter is Kuroi Mato's the other self. As an innocent junior high school student, she likes playing basketball. She has two scars on her body, did you see that?

Oruha | Clover

in my perspective, Clover is such a beautiful manga with wonderfull deepness of character design, it's the one from CLAMP works.

Oruha, as the one leaf has very limited ability, but could only foresee the exact moment she would die. She is the only one leaf out of the world, Oruha couldn't sense that Suu was a Four-Leaf, though the two had a friendship over the phone.

Yaya-han has a good representation for some of Oruha personality like flirtatious, sexy, open and bright, but I just interested to see a sorrowfull version of her. ~.~

Reimu Hakurei | Touhou Project

 a Hakurei Shrine's shrine maiden. Reimu's costume is Imperishable Night version with white stitch over her red skirt, and short hair, but her top just like Reimu at Immaterial and Missing Power version.

May be Akito was combine that two version, whole of cosplay looks like first version that i've mentioned, just different at Reimu's top. Also known as Shrine Maiden of Paradise. I've always love simple traditionary beauty and for me this looks somehow pretty pose. loveable.^^

Yuuka Kazami | Touhou Project

Hi!Cosfans, long time no see^^
Today is a rainy day, a nice choice to spend sometime to kill for relaxing yourself.

I would like to share ten gorgeous cosplay works as usual. First, start from Yuuka Kazami from Touhou Kaeizuka(Phantasmagoria of Flower View). Yuuka is a Flower Master of the Four Seasons that lives in Gensokyo. Has the ability to manipulate flowers.

She loves seasonal flowers, so throughout the year she moves to the respective
place where the flowers grow: spring flowers for spring, summer flowers for summer, autumn flowers for autumn, and although there aren't many, winter flowers for winter.

Without a destination in mind, she enjoyed the flowers as she slept and awoke, as her
pattern continued. a wonderfull sunflowers scene make a frabjous effect for Akito's cosplay.^^

Monday, December 13, 2010

Kamen Rider ZX | Kamen Rider series

is the tenth fictional superhero in the Kamen Rider franchise to bear the eponymous title. ZX holds the distinction of being the first Rider who did not star in his own television series.

I'm not a fan of kamen rider series, but this looks cool and different with the original in every part. more complicated in assertive detail, still based on kamen rider ZX but cooler than original, right?

Good job for the artist, Hell-rider as photographer, and the unknown coser. :P

fin for today and thank you so MuCh for reading, follow and comment in my blog.
ow~~Ikanakucha, onaka suita... -.-
have a nice day!!

Nini | The Official Mascots of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games

Ninth post, Hooray!!

Nini as gymnastic games mascot, Tiểu Bạch make Nini as an elf with a giok(??) stick. cool make up ( 'o' ) but~~the armor looks poor, try your best for next time.

She is the last of five Fuwa.^^ actually Fuwa makes in continent variety, Beibei for Oceania, Jingjing for Africa, Huanhuan for Europe, Yinyin for Asia, and Nini for America, in this case, Tiểu Bạch just use some element from them for additional item in his(?) works.

yingying | The Official Mascots of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games

Yingying, an Asian male mascot in yellow. represent sport with track and field. Ok, this is it..
like Saint Seiya cosplay~~ I like that :)

Huanhuan | The Official Mascots of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games

Huan-huan for represent about ball and racquet sport. in human version looks so elegant and beautiful..hmhm^^

but the crown~~errrr~looks awful~~sorry for that..use a nice hand for painting is a better choice if you can not paint by yourself. still a good work.^^

Jingjing | The Official Mascots of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games

This is Jingjing, a little panda that represent physical contact sport. 
 Tiểu Bạch make Jing-jing to be a dazzling adventurer, like the character I've ever seen in wuxia cinema. Tiểu Bạch looks different with striped face, just like Jingjing.^^

Beibei | The Official Mascots of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games

Sometime, cosplay idea comes from big moment that was happened in any country. the same case with The Official Mascots of the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games-Fuwa, a coser called Tiểu Bạch, try to make human version for they five. the blue one are Beibei, symbolize aquatic sports.

goodlooking result, :-)

Anybody know? | Who are they?

They have such as gorgeous cosplay, but i can not trace who they are really for cosplay character or coser. if you're know them, just leave a comment in my blog, I'll very thankfull for that. ^^

for second image, I know the coser is Miluku, but not sure about the character cosplayed. and this link for my unknown cosplay

1:Yagyu Kyubei from Gin Tama by?????
2:Miluku cosplay as ?????
3: ok! Terra Branford by Saya,,thanks Miki~~
4:Drossel von Flugel cosplay by Chamaro

Isis | Ouke no Monshu

Third post still in Isis character cosplay. Isis is impressive character, King Crimson version just remind me to Eqyptian cinderella who has a beautiful pale skin. for me she is a Asian in Eqyptian royal dress, lovely combination. Her team (cameko and herself) have a good sense of art, beautiful cosplay and beautiful background combining make attractive cosplay portfolio. good job!
This is the other cosplay works from King Crimson in the same range of beauty.^^

Isis | Ouke no Monshu

Second, Miluku for Aishisu/ Isis from Ouke no Monshu. the princess and High Priestess of ancient Egypt and elder sister of Memphis. She wants to kill Carol to take her place as Egyptian Queen, believing that she will make Egypt stronger and more prosperous. Her name is based on the Egyptian goddess Isis. Isis hides her cruelty and hatred of Carol behind her beauty and is always plotting to kill Carol in numerous ways and always fails.
Miluku's headdressing is such as Wo~W. I love all of element combining, the cosplayer, accesories, costum, and background. very glamour egyptian.

Osaki Nana | NANA

Hi!! Saikin dou shiteru?genki?
I hope you always in your best health.^^

I'll start my first post from ten post with NANA. Osaki Nana is a punk singer(for Blast) who loves dress up in Vivienne Westwood collection.

Nana Osaki may look like a tough punk rocker, but she has a kind heart and is a devoted friend, though she can be possessive and dark as shown when she tells Nobu her reason for hooking him up with Nana Komatsu is to keep Nana with her. Nana usually displays a tough exterior, but can become very emotional, to the point in which she has trouble breathing.

for me, she is a simple character to cosplay but has a x-factor makes everyone in love with her. cosplayed by Karum/Somei.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Masami Iwasawa | Angel Beats

finally my last post for this time, tenth post. yeah!
a leader of Girl Dead Monster and take part as vocalist and rhythm guitarist, plus write and compose the music for her band. talented girl!

This is the only costume that she wears, uniform of SSS (I don't know what is this? Super-Super-Small???) and boots instead of normal school shoes.

Cool photography setting, good job for coser and cameko.

kyou wa tanoshikatta~
~Bai-Bai~~(^ o ^)/```

Female Elf Dynasty Bow Master Armor | Lineage II

eighth post........a beautiful elven by Pinky Lu Xun from Endiru. I love their costume and weapon, very detailed and looks real (two months for make this!with Orochi) always have passionate in every performance that their do, wow.

Ashura | RG-Veda

Miluku cosplaying Ashura too, a most beautiful person from RG Veda. Last I found Ashura in Miluku's partner, Cong Tian. you can check it here.

imaginative effect  from her long scarf makes this photo looks nice.^^

Italian Lambo | Katekyō Hitman Reborn!

sixth post. Bovino Famiglia..known as a weak Family but, as stated by Reborn, has a great fire arsenal. 5 years old animal form(?) with cow motives and afro har is the original form, he gets human form using ten-year bazooka. Charming prince ( 15 years old) with same personality, hmhmm, crybaby (^ .^);
Love to see they two in the same frame...^^

Male Kamael Noble Vesper Armor | Lineage II

a cosplay partner from Pinky Lu Xun, They two are awesome costume artist. you can check it by yourself at their web. and I just know, he is a female cosplayer..ow always in crossplay. Cool guy!(?)^^

Mangnet Gakupo | Vocaloid 2

my fifth post.
mhmhmm, purple dresscode~~this character should be magnet Gakupo from vocaloid. very different accesories, big butterfly wing at ear phone, flower beads, volume ribbon, hmm Miluku makes that more complicated than the original. flower beads was slightly annoying over there~~

Now, we look out for the costume, Miluku uses different textile for make it. full motives and beads, and white fur for waist....incredible creativity..but this character costume change too much, excepting if I was wrong identify Gakupo (new character based on vocaloid???)

Bird of Paradise | Petshop of Horror

my fourth post about a hinduism style cosplay from Petshop of Horror. Hard to found an exactly fabric for this character, and i found any cosplayer just use vintage fabric printng on their costume.

if you try harder, you can found this beautiful fabrics at Bali, Indonesia. In Bali, this cloth used for traditional purpose. Very beautiful with gold lines motives on it (called Prada).

for Bird of Paradise, Miluku is my favorite, kakko ii.^^

Sheryl Nome | Macross Frontier

Even if I’m hurt…
The future of my love and life is not gonna say good-bye!

Take it, on a date where comets scatter
A rare fight nowadays scorches the ecstasy
Fly, a speed that reaches your thoughts
It spreads infinitely
I’ll, I’ll shake your heart
Fly, surpassing time
It’s up to you to decide on the depth
I’ll shake your heart and give you love
Sagittarius 9pm Don’t be late

a slice of song titled Iteza Gogo Kuji Don't be Late by Sheryl Nome

Lelouch vi Britannia | Code Geas

"You're not alone. We are each other's accomplice. If you are a Witch, then perhaps I should be a Demon."

Second post is about Lelouch vi Britannia, a born name for Lelouch Lemperouge.

He was sent to Japan as a political hostage for questioning his father's cold regard for his mother's assassination and the crippling of his blind sister Nunnally. When Britannia invaded, he went into hiding with his sister, taking refuge with the Ashford family.

Seven years later, he discovers an enigmatic girl known as C.C., who grants him an ability called Geass, which allows him to give irresistible commands. Seeking to build a peaceful world for his sister, he pursues the destruction of Britannia under the guise of his masked alter-ego Zero.

Im not sure which the scene was Tasha use for photo-plan. but this photo looks very pure and clean, and for me it's beautiful.

Mikuru Asahina | Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya

Ohayou! for cos-fans thanks for your appreciated reading my blog. now I can not write as often as before, shikata ga nai~
so, I move my writing schedule once time for a week with about 10 posts, I hope so.^^
mou jyuubun~~i'll start my first post for today.
Childish mascot girl from SOS Brigade. 
Haruhi wants to get more member and using her attractive physical qualities- her cute face, trim figure, and noticeably sizeable bust for attract interest of people. 

Mikuru's name comes from Miruku(milk in japanese), that accentuates her big breasts.
This is the original costume that i like for Mikuru beside maid, waitress, nurse, frog costume?, cheerleader, miko, and the infamous bunny-girl. very innocent coser.
Mecha-mecha suki~
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