Monday, December 13, 2010

Anybody know? | Who are they?

They have such as gorgeous cosplay, but i can not trace who they are really for cosplay character or coser. if you're know them, just leave a comment in my blog, I'll very thankfull for that. ^^

for second image, I know the coser is Miluku, but not sure about the character cosplayed. and this link for my unknown cosplay

1:Yagyu Kyubei from Gin Tama by?????
2:Miluku cosplay as ?????
3: ok! Terra Branford by Saya,,thanks Miki~~
4:Drossel von Flugel cosplay by Chamaro


  1. 3 is Terra Branford by Saya.^^

  2. Number 2 is "Miluku"

    and I found pic like this in that website, i can't read Chinese Language.

  3. 4 is Chamaro.

    Cure Cos N° : 88809

    Website :


  4. thanks for your help.
    I've checked about Chamaro,was added to this post^^

    and for งาม, I already know about the no.2 Layer but not sure about the cosplay character, but thanks for your comment~^^

    it was nice to see your comment in this post, please try to identify the other unknown cosplay characters/ layers^^

    I'll very appreciate that, thanks before^^


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