Friday, January 20, 2012

Ranma | Ranma 1/2

23 January is chinese new year..hooray~ water dragon year~match the feast, i post Ranma in chinatemple...many of lampions there~are you remember who he is.
1987 comedy manga which the character turn into girl form if splashed with cold water, and boy form if splashed with hot water...unique and make me laugh everytime watch the anime.
as unique with this cosplay, symetrical setting and pose(not exactly consimilar), nice concept~
Happy chinese new year!!wisdom and lucky on you~頑張って

BlackLady | Sailor Moon

Nostalgia mode on, everyone know about Black Lady posing picture, if layer and photographer can do much better art for this whimsical character, thats will be an art pieces...
this cosplay not really like my perfection desire for Black Lady cosplay..but KatieGeorge does a good looking Black Lady, enjoy...

Asuka Langley | Neon Genesis Evangelion

After Bluish characters cosplay, this is the first redish. Asuka Langley!hohohohoho
Neon Genesis Plugsuit is cool suit..and this one is the similar one, Nikita's works. i love this costume preview :D

more action photography needed for this suit.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Victor van Dort | Corpse Bride

nice cosplay photography, more ghostly effect from fogging machine should be better for Emily's trotters. nothing special from The Bride(what happen with her expression?), i like Victor figure and expression...whimsical~

Marudashi | xxxHolic

one of Yuko's artificial being besides Moro.

This is cosplay performance by Nikitacosplay, an cosplay artist..i just loved this freezing movement, her costume amazingly flowing.
this is first post about Nikitacosplay..hooray i've her cosplay in my collection.^^

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Kitana MK 2011 | Mortal Kombat IX

You are not my family you are a monstrosity"

The only Kitana i know until this picture pop up at my Lcd screen was Talisa Soto version. so..
How do i make sure this Kitana was from MK 2011? absolutely sute from her costume description. Cerulean bustier, gautlets, silver earings, but i don't sure about kind of fabrics for used. am i wrong?

Who's the layer?Who's the layer? sorry fam..can not found it.
This photo has strong appearance in firstlook, and the layer has nice body figure(more than real Kitana?)
nothing uncomplete in this one, i just little disturbed by her gautlets's and thigh high boots's material, harder material should be better for thats two.

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