Sunday, November 28, 2010

King of Snipers Sogeking | One Piece

He is a liar, talented inventor,as well as a skilled painter, and sculptor. wow!very artistic soul. Usopp ranked in the Top 10 of all three Shōnen Jump character popularity polls. nicknamed "King of Snipers Sogeking" is the crew's 17-year old marksman. Antique character cosplay by SDraconis and nice angle photo by Shichikou..^^
for my readers,,from this day,i'll concern on my job, lots..and try to make a single post everytime I can do..sorry for that. if I've done with this job, I'll run back on my daily timerun. thanks for attention^^luv u!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Yuuichi Komura | Hiiro no Kakera

An upperclassman of the main character and another of the five guardians. Yuuichi is the descendent of the nine-tailed fox and specializes in using illusions and spirit fire.

He is very quiet and can be emotionless. Likes spacing out and has the ability to sleep anywhere at anytime.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Layla Serizawa | NANA

Very beautiful princess in dolly kei. Half-American-Japanese charming princess and possessing a good voice.
She is the lead singer of Trapnest. She has been secretly having trysts with Shin, and may be in love with him. She has recently broken up with him to protect Trapnest from scandal. She asked if they could still contact each other but Shin decided that it would be better if they forgot about everything that happened between them. It is unknown if they will reconcile, though it is clear that they still love each other. she's portrayed by Asuka very well.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Nadja Applefield | Ashita no Nadja

Kipi as Nadja Applefield, a sunny, charming girl and talented for dancing and making friends wherever she goes.

Nadja was given to Miss Applefield to raise when she was a baby, her only possession at the time being an elaborated heart-shaped brooch. Nadja grew up at the orphanage believing her parents were dead, in the days before her 13th birthday, Nadja received a surprising gift in the mail: a trunk containing a party dress and a diary, both keepsakes belonging to Nadja's true mother.

The gown was worn by Nadja's mother at her first ball, and the diary was her mother's colorful description of all the people she met and danced with at that ball. Nadja is amazed by this gift, and stunned to discover that her mother might actually be alive out there somewhere. 

Monday, November 22, 2010

Ayanami Rei | Neon Genesis Evangelion

Another Ayanami Rei cosplay, silent girl character have special magnetism for cosplay fandom. Rei is a success moe character for this category. very simple if don't use her plugsuit, just short blue haired and uniform, success or no depends on how cosplayer act  Rei's character.

Kamen Rider Black | Kamen Rider Series

my first post for tokusatsu cosplay category.
the eighth showa rider from the serial. I remember watching this on my childhood, when i was five and i can imitate all of Black's style. i've a A1 poster with henshin style step by step^.^;

is it similar costum with the original? not really~ this costume more slightly than the original figure. Differ slightly at the waist downwards. his belt little bit looks fake.^^kekeke 

but the action pose is a plus+ point for AminRider cosplayfolio, great photographed by Hell-Rider. very nice!^^

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Helga von Vogelweide | Trinity Blood

Fiuh~I'm so tired of seeing Naruto, L, and Haruhi cosplayed everywhere everytime~ Come on guys!make something different. many good anime was launched in this winter.--ok!that's just my opinion about cosplay now--

Today, I'm looking for an elegant lady from Trinity blood novel version, Helga von Vogelweide.
Helga, codenamed Eishexe ("Ice Witch"), holds dominion over cold and ice using the Winter Maiden staff created by Isaak. She is a highly ranked member of the Rosenkreuz, having the same rank as Dietrich von Lohengrin.

she was cosplayed by Love Squad, a Russian cosplayer and photographed by Marina-Look. a good place for a good photo.^^I likes everything in victorian style, and her wig styling is amazing
( ' O ' )SugOiii!!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Reika Kuze | Fatal Frame III

"I don't want to see anymore..."

a desperate phrase from Reika Kuze. Reika Kuze is the last tattoed priestess. Her birth name was Reika Yukishiro, and later changed to Kuze after she was adopted by Kuze family.

Like you're see at the watermark she is King Crimson, I'm amaze she want to cosplaying Reika and make it totally cool in photography and photo editing~~very ghostly. 180° different from her other cosplay folio.
two thumbs up for you!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Kamael Female Soldier | Lineage II

Not much different from the Kamael male soldier, she has deffense in healing magic and same armor like the male had. But her stamina and punch attack weaker than male soldier.
Kamael female soldier cosplayed by Malro and good photo by Kifir, is the background photoshoped? too blur. Really cool pose!good job Malro (^o^)V

Saya's Original Sweety

Do you remember Creamy Mami?
Forget?check it here.
Saya's original cosplay turn just sweet like Mami, and her hair like Rishu from Mamotte Shugogetten.
I love all of them, very lovable character (´ ω ` )(´ ω ` )

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Enma Ai | Hell Girl

 She tend to wear a black and red trimmed school uniform except when she is ‘working’ when she wears a black kimono with colored flowers.
She receives request for vengeance through a website which can only be accessed at exactly midnight and only by those who truly was revenge. After getting a request she gives the person a doll with a red string indicating that by pulling the string a contract is agreed to take the target of revenge to hell in exchange for that person going to hell when they die. Enma is assisted by three people Ichimoku Ren, Hone Onna and Wanyuudou.

Young, mysterious girl in the death flower field(Spider Chrysanthemum??). Wow! felicitous Enma Ai. Good job! (>o<) v peace~

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Asmodeus | Umineko no Naku Koro ni

Supporting character in Umineko no Naku Koro ni eps 3 who got cosplayer attention. Representing the demon Asmodeus and the corresponding sin of Lust. Asmodeus' appearance is a girl with blonde, straight hair in two pony tails. She wants to fall in love, and is willing to sacrifice her life for the sake of it. She is the youngest of the 'Stakes of Purgatory'. K.L make a groovy Asmodeus coz she has a great sense for posing, a must have talent by cosplayer besides crafting tallent. luv you K.L!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Sakura | Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle

Sakura in pararel kingdom named Clow who befriends and falls in love with Syaoran during her childhood.
A powerful force strips her of her memories and magical abilities, which take the form of feathers. All the feathers are spread throughout different 'dimensions' (parallel worlds).

To retrieve the feathers and thereby save her life, she and Syaoran are sent to Yūko, who gives them the use of Mokona in exchange for Sakura's memory of Syaoran, which causes him to be absent from any memories restored to her. She is initially weak, confused, and constantly tired, but she grows stronger as she regains her feathers.

She is very friendly with Fay and Mokona, she grows close to Syaoran again, and she notices that she is missing something from her memories. Sakura possesses unnaturally good luck, Yūko calls her

"God's favorite daughter." 

Sakura also has the ability to "hear" the voices of those who cannot be heard, such as spirits of nature, and to see ghosts. Very natural cosplay for Princess Sakura, the angle make Hinoki Sakura looks great.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Mina Ţepeş | Dance in the Vampire Bund

Mina Tepes is a main character in the hit manga/anime series Dance in the Vampire bund. She is the queen of all vampires. but is called out as princess because of her child like figure. 

When she transforms into her true form, she takes the form of a full adult version of herself, in which she greatly resembles her deceased mother.

Her hair is loose, and she is naked, but a black spiky substance grows up across the right part of her body, and she grows wings. This form is carefully guarded, for her transformation gives her a body that is capable of bearing children. Thus, if it were to be leaked to the other three royal clans, she would immediately have to wed and bear a child.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Sanji | One Piece

Like Zoro, he is more perceptive than he seems, and often tells people what they need to hear instead of what they want. Hence, he is seen as one of the more hardened members of the crew and can often be as scary as Zoro at times.

Unlike Zoro, however, he is not afraid to show his emotions when the moment calls for it, and is entirely capable of crying or losing his temper, which results in Sanji's short fuse and subsequent beatings of most villains.

He is rather protective of the female crewmembers and Nami likes to take advantage of him, exploiting his extreme servility. Even when her manipulation of him is brought to his attention, he claims to be happy to do so. He's also good friends with Usopp,Sanji understands him quite well.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Portgas D. ace | One Piece

Portgas in Kaname's version.

Some of cosplayer said Portgas D. ace just a simple character cosplay like L-Death Note, so he just a  intermezzo alternative.

hmmm...some difficulty of Portgas is the cosplayer itself, how to act and have right portrayal like Portgas. Not many of them can cosplaying Portgas be Right Character, masculine character-the character that hard to ladies or crossplayers.

For me Kaname do the right choice for Portgas, and the other right choice, I've post before, Portgas D. ace Execution at Marineford th.

Pinoko | Black Jack

Pinoko is a Black Jack's sidekick.^^
Osamu Tezuka with his background in medical make a medical dorama, Black Jack. Many things that imposible happen in reality to be a focus in Black Jack series.

Like Black Jack's background as a burning human with frakenstein+vampire looklike (looks little bit strange, cool, and mysterious). 

Pinoko is a second miracle(out of reality). 8 years she lives as teratoma and has a new live in chibi body, 2nd frakenstein~~.

everybody know she is a 6 or 8 little girl. Truly her age is 18, and Koyuki make it real!Sweet~

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Sakura Haruno | Naruto

the sole female member of Team 7. As a child, Sakura was taunted by other children because of her large forehead, a feature Kishimoto has tried to emphasize in Sakura's appearances.

As the two continued to grow, however, they became increasingly distant due to their shared affection for Sasuke Uchiha. During most of Part I, Sakura is infatuated with Sasuke, and spurns the advances of Naruto Uzumaki.

Some people who like yaoi series of NaruSasu assuredly is Sakura's haters. Combination of red, pink, and green eyes makes Sakura Haruno as the oasis in Naruto, she's one popular cosplaying character with Naruto and Sasuke.

Thank you for Anonymous person(please put your name!!T.T) she is Takamura Aoi, beautiful Sakura.^^very happy this post jump out fron unknown area! (^ o ^)v please put your name later~

Cloud | Final Fantasy Advent Children

In Final Fantasy Advent Children and many related appearances, Cloud is a much more somber and dark character, tormented by guilt over his past failings; including the deaths of Aerith Gainsborough and Zack Fair.

However, during the film Cloud faces his past both metaphorically and literally, with Sephiroth's rebirth, his visions of Aerith and shows of loyalty from the friends he tried so hard to let go. These events allow him to forgive himself for the deaths of Zack and Aerith and move on, although it is unclear what this ultimately means in terms of his personality and lifestyle.

Something I do like in this cosplay turn is Cloud's manly looks(I've seen many bishounen cloud in cosplay area -.-), and how the photographer make good compotition in his works. Good Job dude!dramatic photo~ something that miss is I can not see how detail his cosplay, can not see lines over his top.T.T

Thank you for a mysterious person called anonymous for the information, I've checked for the true.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Yoko Littner on Vacation

hmm...a lady like Yoko Littner needs some vacation too XP I like her natural smile, even though looks little bit scarify in 5 seconds closer.hahaha, just kidding ok~ cosplayed by Mostflogged.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Hibiki Ganaha | THE iDOLM@STER

Sorry for wrong name before, according to my sources his real name Hasegawa Sou, and I found out later,, she is Saya. sorry~.~

Saya plays her role as Hibiki Ganaha. her smile little bit~~eerieee

Hibiki is a member of 'Project Fairy', and appears in the PSP Games as a rival. Hibiki has long, black hair tied into a wild ponytail, and is usually seen in sporty outfits, and usually wears hoop earrings.

Hibiki is from Okinawa, and is highly energetic and cheerful, and despite rivalries with the other idols, she always remains friendly and happy, without becoming overly competitive like Takane.

Hibiki has an outstanding amount of pets, who she happens to lose quite frequently; her pets include a mouse, a hamster, a gerbil, a parrot, a rabbit, a cat, a dog, a pig, a flying squirrel, and oddly enough, a crocodile.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Kiyoshi Sakurazuka

Kiyoshi's profile
Real Name    : Che Ying Zhong 澈樱冢
Birthday        : April 4, 1984
Height           : 160cm
Weight          : 40kg
Blood type    : A
Constellation : Aries
Gender         : Male
Birthplace     : Hunan, China
Graduate      : Beijing Institute of Technology

...and some photo about him....cawaii
he uses an ama lolita costume, and we could call this cosplay in category Brolita(coz she is a male, really).


I do not know who actually cosplayed by this guy..

Yes~ she is a naturally Male. 
I am not kidding, OK!

His real name is Kiyoshi Sakurazuka, a cosplayer from Hunan, China.

Most of cosplayer or ordinary one think he is girl in first impression, and said

"Are you kidding me?!!!" *o*

when they know the reality.^^...yeah he is more beautiful than the real one~~
i'm jealous xo

..and always(so far) cosplay in crossdressing category.

I'll post about his profile next.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Yuna | Final Fantasy X-2

Past my halloween with Guitar Hero duel^o^wow!fantastic nite.hehe

anyway, she of three main playable character of FFX-2 with Rikku and Paine. Original design by Yoshitaka Amano and redesign by Tetsuya Nomura, to be modelesque Yuna.

I do like this pose very much, just like the main pose of Yuna in FFX-2, you can check by yourself^^. But, Yuna's hoodie is red, isn't right?
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