Sunday, November 21, 2010

Helga von Vogelweide | Trinity Blood

Fiuh~I'm so tired of seeing Naruto, L, and Haruhi cosplayed everywhere everytime~ Come on guys!make something different. many good anime was launched in this winter.--ok!that's just my opinion about cosplay now--

Today, I'm looking for an elegant lady from Trinity blood novel version, Helga von Vogelweide.
Helga, codenamed Eishexe ("Ice Witch"), holds dominion over cold and ice using the Winter Maiden staff created by Isaak. She is a highly ranked member of the Rosenkreuz, having the same rank as Dietrich von Lohengrin.

she was cosplayed by Love Squad, a Russian cosplayer and photographed by Marina-Look. a good place for a good photo.^^I likes everything in victorian style, and her wig styling is amazing
( ' O ' )SugOiii!!

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  1. I was only browsing for some cosplayers who REALLY could give life to my favorite characters in Trinity Blood when I chanced upon a cosplayer or cosplayers who (as far my four eyes were concerned) were Colonel Spencer & LAdy JAne! ^^


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