Friday, May 27, 2011

Nao Chikura | Hatsukoi Limited

another seifuku again fufufufufu^^ 2nd photo's cool composition is very attractive!^^
She is Ayumi's friends, Nao is somewhat envious of Kei's attention. Along with Koyoi, she stops walking home with Ayumi for fear of Misao. She is in her 2nd year of middle school.the original character...

simply match cosplayer~luv that!She is the first character that i post for Hatsukoi Limited.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Chizuru yukimura | Hakuoki Sweet School Love

Sweet 1st year student from Hakuoki sekuel....Hakuoki Sweet School Love..Daily character in pretty simple cute~^^
I've post Chizuru and Heisuke Todo here.

Anthy Himemiya | Revolutionary Girl Utena

Hi CosFam!Long time no see. :)

Today post is about a uniform girl from Revolutionary Girl Utena, Anthy Himemiya. Lot's of cosplay...and Sei's Rose Bride is the character most closely to the original. Charming Anthy.

I've found a manga in similar genre(shoujo-ai and talking about "A Knight of justice who protects the princess."), that's named Shitsurakuen(unfinal manga/ongoing), try it if you like the genre. Utopia's student have some cool uniform, but no one cosplayer interest for the character. love their uniform..

Her seifuku remembered me to Kagome's seifuku(Inuyasha). the same costume?

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Bangis | Jayem Sison

I've read some post about the conflict between Asian cosplayer and Western cosplayer. That's post extremely interefere, I do not want to discuss the problem here, just wanna said in my opinion all people can cosplay as long as the character selection is right and proportional for the layer...Shut up and let's cosplay~

as far as i see, cosplay world is dominated by ladies..cute ladies, sexy ladies, innocent ladies, handsome ladies, some guys play his role as lady(they're beautifull!bishounen~)..or tokusatsu or armored mecha..this ones different, uniquely person~~~
OK, what are we talking about? Bangis cosplay by Jayem Sison...hahahhaha The
Philippines cosplayer who known as shirtless cosplayer! You'll know more clearly by looking his cosplay named Bangis(named by himself^^OC)..This is it..
 His face looks like korean star~I like the sword at first props and surely cool pose..^^v

Euphemia Li britannia | Code Geass

Positively well-done as ussual.( ^o^ )/fashion cosplay by Vampy. That's hair is the right one for Euphy-hime, simply like this...

Vampy use Euphy-hime's wedding costume, i don't know why, the top was different(ruffles exte?)

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Kanchi | Furi Kuri

Mori.m's Canti in more clearly pose than before(jump-jump-jump) and the cosplay photo with the team, blue Canti. I don't know why he(blue Canti's layer) chose to use Blue Sky than the original color,  Turquoise~
The 2nd cosplayphoto should be better without bloated belly of Red Canti...c'mon!
as i said, this is not a perfect cosplay(50% to 100%original Canti), but still the best until now(cosplayer act, photo, and neat costume)~luv it! hope it comes beeettteeer at next cosplay turn~yoO!Ganbatte!

Canti | Fooly Cooly

Hi CosFam, especially for Allucard, I've found the other photo for your cosplay reference, this is it...
more jump by Mori.m(CN-finally), a lot of jump for this photo session, and that's work!
good job!^^

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Canti | FLCL

Are Canti in my last post and this new Canti the same person? Checkitout ^^

This cosplay didn't completely 100% same with the original especially for the body(quite difficult to be same~i know that, have any idea?
Well done helmet or mask(?) ^^
anybody know about the layer identity?

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Queen of Hearts | Alice in Wonderland

Big head Queen in 'normal' size, the head still has a big looking~hahahaha
Amazing make up effect!
Her pose and gesture positively said:

"Oh my gosh, white roses again!"

and next picture should be the angry Queen~yelling and crazed...

~why should I do this?~the little sound inside her big head(small brain)

based on this picture, then she should not be queen, younger, smaller head, and doesn't wear an empress costume.^^

Sakura Hime | Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle

TRC is a touchy anime ever.I found this photo when I've listen TRC song titled "You are My Love" by Eri itoh....sweet voice!! 
TTATT touchy lyric~

eheemmmm...back to the cosplay :p

I'll start from a negative aspect in this cosplay...First, about some laces intervence in bandana and chest accessory one, that's make cuter effect but if i close the image up to her neck, looks like lolita cosplay~
Second, the true color is maroon not pink.
Third, the yellow line detail at Sakura's top is disappear.
Fourth, the coins is too small an too thin~~~~

So, Why am I upload this pic in my collection?! Because I like Roon's pose and the props used. the photo composition very simple, would be better if added some grasses over there. Keep Fighting!YO!

Sweetest Ciel Phantomive | Black Buttler

Ciel Phantomive is cutest boy I've ever seen!Tomiaaaaaaa did it!
I like the fireplace photoshoot and all stuff in the photo.
Dreamy effect make the photo completely softer and feminime, Ciel as feminime boy, good or bad? for me truely bad, but this is a beautiful artwork. in second photo, we can see clearly the detail of costume, all pieces of her costume totally match and blended with Tomiaaaaaaa's cosplay character(This cosplayer always seen as cute character).luvit~

My fourth layout!

Hooray!Hi CosFam~~~~ (˘▾˘~)
Finally~I've finished my fourth theme
This is it, reddish theme with Ciel Phantomhive and his butler(youknowwho^^), I've crop the original image for shorter result~hope u like it.
 it;s my taste!

See yah at my next post!( ´△`)ノ

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Momochi Zabuza | Kirigakure no Kijin | Naruto

Naruto, endless episodes until now~~~I only ever watch a few episodes early and he was one character that caught my attention

Momochi Zabuza is the first major antagonist of the series. Zabuza would thereafter be known as the "Demon of the Hidden Mist" and a member of "Seven Ninja Swordsmen of the Mist".
the cosplayer behind cosplay is Mollo who has play as Hisoka before.

His character looks very touchy with his signature weapon(well done weapon-wow!), Kubikiribōchō. like his pose, some mist(may be from fogging machine or ice) should be better photo!

hmm...actually, I hope to see Momochi's jagged teeth.

psst..his name sounds cute~Momochi, ^w^ like Mochi ^^just kidding~
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