Saturday, May 7, 2011

Sakura Hime | Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle

TRC is a touchy anime ever.I found this photo when I've listen TRC song titled "You are My Love" by Eri itoh....sweet voice!! 
TTATT touchy lyric~

eheemmmm...back to the cosplay :p

I'll start from a negative aspect in this cosplay...First, about some laces intervence in bandana and chest accessory one, that's make cuter effect but if i close the image up to her neck, looks like lolita cosplay~
Second, the true color is maroon not pink.
Third, the yellow line detail at Sakura's top is disappear.
Fourth, the coins is too small an too thin~~~~

So, Why am I upload this pic in my collection?! Because I like Roon's pose and the props used. the photo composition very simple, would be better if added some grasses over there. Keep Fighting!YO!

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