Sunday, May 15, 2011

Bangis | Jayem Sison

I've read some post about the conflict between Asian cosplayer and Western cosplayer. That's post extremely interefere, I do not want to discuss the problem here, just wanna said in my opinion all people can cosplay as long as the character selection is right and proportional for the layer...Shut up and let's cosplay~

as far as i see, cosplay world is dominated by ladies..cute ladies, sexy ladies, innocent ladies, handsome ladies, some guys play his role as lady(they're beautifull!bishounen~)..or tokusatsu or armored mecha..this ones different, uniquely person~~~
OK, what are we talking about? Bangis cosplay by Jayem Sison...hahahhaha The
Philippines cosplayer who known as shirtless cosplayer! You'll know more clearly by looking his cosplay named Bangis(named by himself^^OC)..This is it..
 His face looks like korean star~I like the sword at first props and surely cool pose..^^v

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