Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Atlantica Online

Atlantica's Witch cosplay become so interesting in first photo,  but lil' failed in 2nd(comparison photo) coz high key backdrop become predacious :) and swallow up her costume color, plus lighten her red wig, and this Witch just looks like lose her pink welldone collar.
I found the series of Atlantica cosplay in the same backdrop screen, and all tones of their costume just swallow up for skin tone backdrop use. 
Should be better cosplay photo if  choose dark velvet or dark grayish backdrop.

Here the other series of this Atlantica,
They have some good cosplay photo using different backdrop, darker is better! 
Here they are.. I love the Oracle's photo tone, lookalike Isis-Ouke no Monshu, lil' move should be good for full costume view.

Live Movie Cast

So..here i'm again, after hiatus for long time ago. Sorry for that, there was a lot of things going in my life that really sucked away my focus and energy. I hope everything's going well from now.
Lets start from July 2011 Takashi Miike's live action, Nintama Rantaro. this movie has been an awesome casting..

This is picture from random reality show, I never found a exactly perfect cosplay really for them, some cosplayer use it for crossplay, and they're appear in "ladies beautiful" way..that's weirdo.
and this the official poster. all character done exactly like the original one. Nice! b(^w^)d all thumbs up!

and for the comming soon movie is Rurouni Kenshin by Warner Bross that will be release August 25 in Japan. All characters in perfect screen match, this movie is really worthed and will be a hit in first day realease(guessed it..)

I don't have Rurouni Kenshin in my keyword-roll, that's coz hard to find cosplay which close to main character potrayal, Himura Kenshin, and some cosplay just looks tooo "sweet" or too "pretty"..bizzare mode on(-.- |||||)
if the reason is coz they're cross player, I don't mind pro crossplayer will do that.
I've seen the trailer, that's exactly what i think about good potrayal for Kenshin cs! except for Tomoe, she is younger than nessesarily. can't wait for movie release in here:D

Atlantica | Beast Trainer | Elementalist

Nice cosplay. nice photo. nice pose(for Beast Trainer). If Elementalist can do more pose, should be nice too.^^

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