Tuesday, December 27, 2011

SeeU | Vocaloid3

Korean first vocaloid which capable fo bilingual language(japanese/korean). Her release was October 21, 2011 (South Korea) and December 16, 2011 (Japan). Her name based on phrase "I see you" with moe character like  some Vocaloid persona.
Some Elements of SeeU costume is: Nekomimi(speakers), Neckband(cd-player), soundwave plat on her yellowshoes, pause switch at her back, power swicth at her neckband, and play switch at her headphone.

aaand, this is the best cosplay i could find so far.
ok. let's check it!
- Nekomimi, ✔ wrong color
- neckband,  ✔ the color turn in silver(?)
- mini dvd, ✔
- soundwave plat, ✖ noplat n wrong color(SeeU's shoes should in same color of her top)
- pause button, unknown
- power button, ✔
- play button. unknown

until know, korean just have 1 capable vocaloid, so i guess the short hari vocaloid above is fanmade.
not sure about the gender, tomboy or male(?)
Nice try!i luv SeeWon/Usee's trousers, looks nice.^^

Yuki Miku | Hatsune Miku Sapporo Snow Festival

the layer called Aim, she is Thai contestant who sang and danced "Romeo and Cinderella". that performance get 1st trophy. you can read more the article here.

Aim-chan very good looking at this capture even though her cosplay miss lil' accessories for her hair(or the ornament too small). hahaha..without whatever detail  i said she still win means her performance is very valuable. Nice job!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Hatsune Miku Append

Append originally released at 2010 with 6 new Miku's voicebanks. in Append, miku's voice more human-likely and smother than original Miku. for the cosplay, this one the closest appearance..
The layer is Dirge(CN), if i were ask to guess her photo technique, i would said 'it's take from bird level..(?)' if Dirge use more light for her tight legging, and more contrast at her hair, this photo(re do for Typho and background -_-)should be  more valuable. I love that curvy neckwear, make her pose well balanced. Nice Try!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Kaname Madoka | Puella Magi Madoka Magica

This is the ideal look for Madoka, extremely cuteeE!

"Madoka, you have grown to be a good girl. You don't lie and you dont do anything bad. You always try to do what is right. You are a wonderful child."
- Junko Episode 6 -

Always Wanted to be helpful to other people, always tries to call other main characters their first names with postfix (-chan or -san) if possible, didn't believe Homura is "totally evil" as she was told, and tried to understand her better based on what she observed..... really perfect kid, extremely good personality...

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Rei Hino

One of majokko from my childhood, Rei Hino. Elegant Miko who match with Casablanca image.
it was fun every time im surfing internet and found the one which closer cosplaylooks like Sailor Senshi(hard to found the perfect cosplay for them).

This Rei cosplayed by Yana-Mio and photograped by Kawaielli.

Real Paper-Speel? i don't think so.

Saya's Giant Butterflies

I don't know, who the character they play for? but it is a beautiful cosplay photo(in dreamy mode on~) , perfect properties(Giant blue butterflies) to raise the pale photo impression. Good photo!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Death The Kid | Soul Eater

Remember The "Symmetricophilic" Kid? hohohoho
or in other terms : obsessive compulsive disorder for symmetry. :DDDlol

Typical of stylish character for cosplay.
Kid is able to fight without his weapons through the use of a custom martial arts style. He can also summon a flying skateboard called Beelzebub as both transportation and a weapon. His status as a Death God grants him formidable power, particularly the destructive Soul Resonance "Death Cannon."

actually, her partners, thompson sisters, looks more outstanding in this cosplay turn(in right layer) fufufufufu

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Kinomoto Sakura | Cardcaptor Sakura

holaa Cosfam!
This is some upgrade for my collection, enjooy^^

classic cute character shown by right layer. Kotaro!
Ricochet hair(i dunno the right name) and her fake (or real?) hair just in best do, naturalicious~~myuuU

till now, i never see a layer cosplaying HighSchool Sakura...wanna see that costume in cool layer do~would be nice! :D

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Rin Okumura | Ao no Exorcist

yeah!my another blue!live action? no, she is layer! really real cosplay! looks like this art:
crop up to her chest should be better view...you'r roX

"I'm not a human or a demon anymore. I have no choice but to go forward! I'll become an Exorcist!"

Milk | Pop'n music

She is a animal helper who likes candies in Eurobeat.
Kotaro' Blue Haired Milk...i just know Milk in pink+yukata+black eyes from springtime series(nyoro milk)..kotaro makes the modern blue version of fever milk(maid costume)

is it exist before?i dunno
cool stuff!very like her taste for fabric choice and blue strawberries(rare huh! :D)

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Briefers Rock | Panty-Stocking with Garterbelt

Brief is a shy, kind and somewhat naive teenage boy, who proclaims himself a ghost-hunter. He is normally called "Geek Boy" by Panty and Stocking, due to his interest in the supernatural and science fiction.

Pretty good cosplay, Brief in geek style!..maybe later or sometimes, kotaro will make Brief in gamblers mode(slicked back hair)hihihi..

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Karina Lyle | Tiger & Bunny

"my ice is a little bit cold, but your crime has been put completely on hold!"
-Blue Rose-

I had the red and the green, now the blue one, she is Karina Lyle(real name) aka Blue Rose aka Super Celebrity of the Heroes..lol...16 years old Pepsi girls who has careers as singer(and use her hero identity as a promotion identity) and pianist(under her real name), about her power...as your see, she is icy blue! i mean freezing power :D
about the cosplay, the background sounds good for complete cosplay photo, icy effect! just minus for one props, the long spiny stalks on her back waist, doesn't look good...
and the layer...eeeeerrr..can't found her name, she looks like Tasha(backlight setting and face)is it true?^^

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Star Driver | Kanako Watanabe

the second president cosplay in my collection, you can check the first here.. yep, here she is!not really wow, just like her pose.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Medusa | Petshop of Horror

I just know Medusa in black hair, so this one looks different. beautiful cosplay. Appear in Episode 3-Despair, yup! she has snake tail. Good job Mussum ^^

Friday, October 14, 2011

Road Kamelot | D Gray Man

She is the first child of Noah who able to control Noah's Ark. She acts like normal teen, but sometimes in signs of sadism. Pretty enough Road, just like Road in anime.
hmmm, in my opinion Laki should make her skin darker for this chara, just like darker Road:D nice make up for her eyes :)

Medusa | Soul Eater

The major evil from absurd manga 'Soul Eater'. Her snake-like witch character make this character looks really demonic(you can't imagine this character in good inside). She is sinister, scheming, and incredibly cunning, allowing her to amass a small but effective entourage to carry out her plans.

Her body contains 1,000 magical snakes which can be used as weapons called "Vector Arrows," as well as to place them inside the bodies of others to communicate with them telepathically or to kill them from the inside.That's the minus in this cosplay, even thought Medusa not always shown her snakes print but should be a nice choice if it appear in the cosplay.

Hinoto | X-CLAMP

an innocent dreamseer cosed by Lita-Yumiko. Very happy have this cosart in my collection, Hinoto cosplay is hard to find. for me Laki's Hinoto is an evil version. hahahaha, so i've a white and black version..hooray!
unfortunately, i can't see how the layer make her hairdo T.T(cropped photo)and her hair just tooo short.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Sora | Kingdom Heart II

"A scattered dream that's like a far-off memory. A far-off memory that's like a scattered dream. I want to line the pieces up... yours and mine."
Sora in the beginning of Kingdom Hearts II
this pale background makes dreamy effect(floating window), I like it.
For costume, i can't see his zipper, this outfit should not in white combination but silver. too light color tone for Sora outfit. not really done.^^

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Vampire Sora's sprite | Kingdom Hearts II

no need to looks real, her hair in amazingly heavy-handed mode and nice make up, wew!
but where his clawed fingers(?)
and for the suits, rather than white, preferably shaded white. his clothing was completely black/dark...and the last comment is..
some space between objek and background would be better for deepest result. increase your skills..

Monday, October 3, 2011

Lighting | Final Fantasy XIII

just with a simple moving staircase and ligting, you can make futuristic fell up besides  good looking weapon and suitable cosplayer. good choice..
among of all Lighting's costumes, i prefer an armor costume in Final Fantasy XIII-2..hopefully can find it someday.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Squall Leonhart | Snow Villiers | Final Fantasy

the two of Well done crossplay(Snow) and (Squall)Final Fantasy. Really interesting look on this cosplay type, i mean total and suitable with the layer. Until now, some people still ask about crossplay and crossdressing differentiation in many times..and some of them just said that's a same thing just like synonym.

let's straighten again..in crossplay, a layer plays role as a opposite sex character and follow the character style to look perfectly like the role. Vice versa as crossdresser, a role must follow a layer gender, so the character played become the opposite sex of the original one. that's it..^^

Monday, September 26, 2011

Kriem | Tiger and Bunny

Another NEXT member of Ouroboros whose ability is to control inanimate objects with needles made from her hair. She was in love with Jake. 
Catherine Zeta Jones(Chicago)+Nerdy Poker(not Gaga!)+Sexy powder = *SplAsH* KriEm..lol

cool cosplay in good photo^^

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Stocking | Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt

Hello Cosfam!
Prepare your day, get ur Stocking today. its 15ºC!hahaha :D

This phototheme is good excecution, pull out character from 'pose-action' or narsiction pose :-D . candidlook can be good choice, attractive.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Doll | Black Butler

a high fashion character from Black butler. Doll in performing costume. She wears a wig that appears to be made of white flowers with two feathers sticking out the left side and beads dangling from the end of her wig. It also is worn so as to cover her left eye. 

Doll is friendly and welcoming, making conversation with Ciel Phantomhive after they were named tent mates, and appears to view him as a friend quickly. 

Kagamine Rin | Roshinyuukai Vocaloid

Messy blonde hair, golden B/W costume( in good quality choice!wew~) , golden line overhere-overthere..aand the extremely cool instrument: Guitar!!cool props,even though not in original color(golden).

would be better use futuristic background, but you're rocks!Tasha(^o^)/''/

Friday, September 23, 2011

Kaname Madoka | Puella Magi Madoka Magica

A 14-year-old moe shoujo whose life changes when she encounters the Puella Magi Homura and the familiar Kyubey, who offers to transform her into a Puella Magi herself. She sees herself as a person without special qualities or talents, and after seeing Mami fighting against witches, wants to be a wonderful and cool Puella Magi like her. She is a rather selfless girl who wishes to be a magical girl simply so that she can help others. She allegedly has a large amount of magical potential within her.

Pink haired shoujo always looks cute..her costume doesn't in original version(the layer uses laces for Madoka's gloves, white chocker?maroon is the right one). Lovable character cosplay in lovable color(soft) but too much exposure(her yellow apron..looks ultra pale).

Friday, September 16, 2011

Xanxus | Reborn

Xanxus is the current leader of the Varia, Vongola IX's adopted son, and the main antagonist of the Varia Arc. He was born into poverty with just his mentally ill mother to care for him. His mother discovered his Flame of Wrath when he was very young and brought him to Vongola IX.
lil different for hair but in good angle, this pose looks pretty cool(hahaha not really like the real character :D)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Mikoshiba Shouta | Dolls

Some background for this character: He held First Division for a record 5 years, the longest in history. During that time he became a "man of legend" due to his 100% mission completion rate. He's not only skilled, but also wise and cunning.

This crossplay was good in facial type character(exactly like Mikoshiba), bad choice for costume..~.~more complicated should be better.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Seiju Shikibu | DOLLS

"I love little animals!"

the 23 years old character from Psycological manga, DOLLS. He has cheery and outgoing personality which different 180° in fighting situation.

Aside from his deadly fighting skills, he is very beautiful and compassionate. He is also seen to be rather a caring person. It is later revealed that Seiju's parents were both murdered when he was very young. Beautiful boy character for crossplay was never wrong. like her angelic smile.^^

Friday, September 9, 2011

Shizuo Heiwajima | Durarara!!

a strongest man in Ikebukuro who join Dollars group. Shizuo is also capable of often superhuman parkour moves, most likely a result of his own strength and from years of hunting down Izaya, who is very good at running away from him.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Sanada Yukimura | Sengoku Basara

Hot blooded and a man who life for battle, he is Sanada Yukimura. Yukimura's way of fighting is 100% "frontal", one-on-one, with no tricks or cheating. His ideal is to walk the path of the warrior, and constantly searches for new possibilities to test his skills.
This left is the character, nice croosplay potrayal by Ryu-real as live action, thumbs up for the photo concept(^.^)d

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Tokiya Ichinose | Uta no Prince Sama

Ups, wrong coser credit..sorry about it.
the right one is Tokiya Ichinose, cosed by Ryuichi who cosplay as Jesse Andersen before.

A literate character who also the roommate of Otoya from A Class.
Tokiya is, in fact, Hayato himself. During a concert, Nanami discovers his ankle is hurt, the same as Tokiya. He lies about having an identical twin brother for he seems to be very upset over his career. He does not like talking about it.

More Masculine face character would be good, nice pose and hair slash for Ryuichi, thats identical with Tokiya's hairstyle.

Monday, September 5, 2011

The President | Stardriver | Kagayaki no Takuto

The president without her mask, only the cosplayer with curvy body(or able to "make curvy body")can cosplay the President, good choice for HRM. The President is appearance of Kanako Watanabe, leader of the fourth section also known as the "Adult Bank" squad. She is a skilled boxer, able to knockdown large, muscular men with a couple of punches. While she seems to be a very bored wife that enjoys very simple things in life, she is very intelligent and makes her plans far in advanced.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Kotetsu T. Kaburagi | Tiger & Bunny

One of the main protagonists and a veteran superhero past his prime whose total disregard for private property when fighting against crime earned him the nickname Crusher for Justice.

Originally, he was the least popular among the heroes of Sternbild City and his company (a fictional publication known as "TopMag") had been taken over thanks to the high costs of his collateral damage. He was then forced by his new employers, "Apollon Media", to become Barnaby's partner.

for me, this is the best crossplay in my collection...so far...^w^

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Barnaby Brooks Jr. | Tiger & Bunny

Protagonist who nicknamed as Bunny by Kotetsu because of his armor's earpieces and his penchant for long jumps and kicks.

A 25 year old rookie hero who does not conceal his appearance or identity and the newest addition to Hero TV. Partnered with Wild Tiger, he has the same superpower, though Barnaby relies more on strategy than outright brute force, saving his Hundred Power for the most dire of circumstances.

for me, her crossplay became interesting by good figure and good photo act as Bunny after the costume and makeup itself. this is a good crossplay! 

Monday, August 29, 2011

Jesse Anderson | YuGi-Oh!

Yeah!Johan Anderson!Hard to find closely layer for him, and this is cool enough(still in pretty boy category^^; face and gesture)
Should I introduce about Johan? quickly version: Jesse or Johan in japanese is kind-thoughfull-sometimes shy transfer student who enters Duel Academy in the third year.
Pretty good wig for Johan, a little more solid and messy for natural effect would be perfect. Her vest looks good in material and detail. I love her vest!

Miss Galactic | Sheriru Nōmu

"there's no way you haven't heard Sheryl's songs as long as you live in this galaxy."

Long break...long time no see..
first of all, thanks for everyone who came and read my blog, especially for CosFam. Now so I can continue on liking what I like^w^
ok, no more chitchat, to the point...this is my first comeback post about crossplay.

XiaoMeng as Sheryl Nome, extremely accurate crossplay!
people would not believe that cosed by a guy.
Good job ^.^d

Monday, August 1, 2011

Kagamine Len | Vocaloid

Kagamine Len is a vocal mirror of kagamine Rin. I know about real Kagamine hair colour, it's yellow.But this photo really in good choice for colourtone, yellow mellow autumn(still in blonde category *big grin) and that's a cool stuff.

as a boy(the layer), how cute he is~Kimi Saito-san, you're really cuuuUteE! (^v^)/

Monday, July 11, 2011

Rare CHLOE | Living Dead Dolls

OK. It's been a LONG time since I have posted to this blog, thats all because a bunch of work in my head. Thanks for following^^
Today post is Chloe, a gloomy character from series 12 collection of Living Dead Dolls. Very dark, Rare edition, cosplay by Tomiaaa. Horable idea choose Living Dead Dolls character as cosplay character. Not accurate for her legging(Chloe use red bleck stripes...), but very nice at posing and the choice for photoshoot location( a bunch of ruins.how Nice!)

Monday, June 27, 2011

Alphonse Elric | Fullmetal Alchemist

Pretty simple photo for make adventurer effect..that's work^^The costume..well done detailed!he looks valorous here, just like Goldy's Elric.

Kyou Fujibayashi | Clannad

a talented cook with blade mouth and aggresive attitude, she is the older sister of Fujibayashi sisters.

Kyou works as a kindergarten teacher in the After Story portion(how come?), and coincidentally is also Ushio's teacher. According to Tomoya, her personality is still the same even after reunion, but Ushio says that Kyou is a good teacher(?).

She is good in cook, this cosplay photo should have show more homemade food in her picnic.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Neytiri te Tskaha Mo'at’ite | Avatar

 "You're like a baby, making noise, don't know what to do."

the character is Na'vi princess of the Omatica'ya clan, brave princess, loyal, and strong willed.
Amazingly blue in Neytiri's cosplay. too much blue for hair, but this blue skin looks Amazing detailed(without photoshop!), coz so far..hard to be blue character(Avatar in hardest level after Mistique).
Good job for the team!this is a good presentation of their cosplayfolio, surely the make up artist workhard for this blue^^. the photographer must be good enough for get the blue out correctly^^...b(^^)d

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Female Elyos | AION

Well, this is female elyos(AION) by Pinku.

Absolutely detailed and full of embroidery. All elements of her cosplay looks beloved and I luv it, just by looking at first sight. I luv her book(cool stuff but the shine tendril looks interfere on it--first photo), her make-up, her outfit(surely), her boots, the lighting composition,and.. all of thats
Good job for the team!(Endiru).

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Matryoshka Vocaloid | Gumi | Miku

Crazy stuff from Vocaloid version, Matryoshka! comes from the song by a vocaloid-p named Hachi. Gumi and Miku Hatsune became...coo-coo~~Patched together, crazy, a matryoshka!

too cute, not really good for Matryoshka cosplay. the  image rotation is a good stuff from this photo.^o^
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