Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Karina Lyle | Tiger & Bunny

"my ice is a little bit cold, but your crime has been put completely on hold!"
-Blue Rose-

I had the red and the green, now the blue one, she is Karina Lyle(real name) aka Blue Rose aka Super Celebrity of the Heroes..lol...16 years old Pepsi girls who has careers as singer(and use her hero identity as a promotion identity) and pianist(under her real name), about her power...as your see, she is icy blue! i mean freezing power :D
about the cosplay, the background sounds good for complete cosplay photo, icy effect! just minus for one props, the long spiny stalks on her back waist, doesn't look good...
and the layer...eeeeerrr..can't found her name, she looks like Tasha(backlight setting and face)is it true?^^

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