Saturday, October 30, 2010

Monkey D Luffy | One Piece

very happy found this photo, even though without clearly face shoot. He makes luffy looks more like a man (not a ladylike man!), so luffy cosplay well-balanced with his big brother, Portgas D. ace.
Cool pose dude!

I wanna like to have collection for super looklike luffy,,hope gonna find out
(●^ー^●)v Wish~wish~hmhm

Friday, October 29, 2010

Rikku | Final Fantasy 2

"These aren't your everyday "bang-bang" kind of bullets!" 

Rikku, In the second part of Yuna's adventure she has also teamed up with Paine and Yuna to help the Gullwings, an organization finding special video spheres of the past. Though she is originally a thief, she gains different powers via the Garment Grid.

Pink leg protector??and why are cosplayer always use cyan for blue headband and her boots?or wrong color corection?her bra-like top bond is to looong~~and im sure Rikku's small pouches is yellow. But the cosplayer pose looks nice.^^

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Chibi Shinku | Rozen Maiden

Her appearance is that of a young girl, being a doll. She has light blonde hair and blue eyes. She is always seen wearing a red gown with a matching shawl and bonnet as accessories.

Her bonnet is fastened to her head with a green ribbon, which is tied into a bow at her neck and held in place with a pink rose brooch. Her hair is always kept in two ponytails tied at the back of her head.

Shinku is at first quite a queen-like character. Her main goal in life was to win the Alice Game and become Alice. Her motto was originally,

"To live is to fight."

for me, he looks like a Shinku doll, very cute even though her eyes is brown. :-p nice aka loli~

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

winry rockbell | Full Metal Alchemist

Winry is a rather attractive young woman with a slender yet healthily curvaceous build, blue eyes and long, light blond hair.

She usually wears her hair in a long ponytail tied high in back, while leaving a loose curtain on either side of her face and her bangs falling casually from right to left across her forehead.

She knows how to pose, cool baby..

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Big Chi Chi | Dragonball

Chi Chi is the daughter of the Oxking. In Dragon Ball, she met Goku when the Oxking sent Goku to find her.

One time, she almost got Goku to marry her even though he thought it was food. Close to the end of Dragon Ball, Chi Chi goes to the Martial Arts Tournament and fights Goku in order to make him keep his promise to her. She eventually marries him at the end of Dragonball.

Grown up Chi chi should wear her "normal" costum, but little Chi chi cuter than her mature alternate cosplay, she makes grown up Chi chi with her old it!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Yoko Littner | Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

Cool girl +her cool arm=Pretty dangerous!

She wields an extensive range of firearms which include a long range sniper rifle modeled after the Barrett M82 and hand guns and has previous experience fighting Gunmen. She is officially known as Yoko Littner the Mysterious Bounter Hunter.

Although she is of the same age group as Simon, she is mature and one of the most rational of the group. More detail for the rifle will be better. later, I wish could find Yoko in her action, fighting pose without fan-service.^^

Vocaloid Parodi | Megurine Luka | Hatsune Miku

Why so serious? 
lets make cosplay a fun hobby! 
A comical parodi by Tasha and Yukari,  
Tasha as Megurine Luka and Yukari as Hatsune Miku. 
Poor Miku~~Hihi^.^

Friday, October 22, 2010

Rikku | Final Fantasy X-2

Cheerfull and childish All Bled who helps Tidus when he first arrives in Spira. She is bilingual, able to speak both English and Al Bhed fluently. Rikku's character class is most similar to that of the Thief from earlier Final Fantasy titles, combined with the Chemist class.

She can steal a large variety of items from fiends and bosses alike, many of which can only be acquired through theft. She is a popular Final Fantasy lady for cosplayer. Tiger is a good choice for Rikku photo session, exotic animal, nice idea to use real size doll when you can't get the real one(they're dangerous ^^;)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Sailor Uranus | Sailor Moon

Elegant Uranus by Aira. I once published a similar post about Aira's Uranus, this is the close up version photo.

Rocking Tasha

This is Tasha's cosplay taken from 2009 Costume International Game Festval.  

I am not sure what character she played, but still love that. hmmh..something wrong about her guitar--only has two strings??

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Suzaku Kururugi | Code Geass

17 years old Knightmare Pilot.
Suzaku Kururugi is a childhood friend of Lelouch and Nunnally, whose father was the Prime Minister of Japan. He met the two when they were sent to Japan as political hostages.

Thinking that it would stop the war, Suzaku killed his father, which haunts him day and night. As repetence, he joined the Britannian army, and the next time he was seen was in the back of a terrorist truck, searching for the "Poisonous gas".

When he refused to kill Lelouch and the girl in the capsule, the commander shot him. Cosplay by Haiji, I love what are you doing Haiji, your hair is amazing.^o^

Monday, October 18, 2010

Archangel Michael | Angel Sanctuary

Immortal fiery temper boy with dragon tattoo of a dragon going all the way up from his chest to the middle of his face.

He hates it when you talk about two things:
One. His height (only 5'5 ^^)
Two. His taller twin brother... Lucifer.

Mika is a loner and doesn't really associate himself at all with any of the other angels. Raphael is the only friend for him. Privately, I likes his facial expression and the costume(Of CoUrsE!ec·cen·tric ·red!), and dislike his gesture(little bit ladylike).

Lolita Rei Ayanami- Asuka Langley | Evangelion

The awesome duetto from Evangelion.This costume have appeared on their action figure. it was so fun to dress them in mix-match costum, always looks kinda shimmering cute! ^w^even though wearing a cow costume...khihihihihi ^^;

 I really like Rei more than Asuka, so calming princess.^^

Friday, October 15, 2010

Major Alex Louis Armstrong | Full Metal Alchemist

Major Alex Louis Armstrong, the "Strong Arm Alchemist", is a large and comically emotional State Alchemist. He will burst into tears or joyous praise given the right situation, and embraces others in an effort to console them. Because he is an extremely strong character, this usually causes others great personal injury. Armstrong is very proud of his strength and of his muscular physique, frequently taking off his shirt so that he can flex for "others' benefit".

Actually Major Armstrong is a mature man with manful figure, but I very impressed for this cosplayer who IDon'tknowHisCN still cosplaying Major Armstrong..not bad~^o^

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Aeon The Guardian of Time | Castlevania Judgement

Aeon is a character that appears in the game Castlevania Judgment.  His origins are unknown, but he is gifted with the power to travel through and manipulate time. 
Aeon's weapon is a unique sword with a thirteen-hour clock built into its hilt.  During the second story mode battle against him, each of the soul keys are fit into the rim of the clock along each hour.  His Hyper Move stops time, allowing him to make a comment on his opponent's future or path in life before restarting time to deal significant damage.

Widi's version of Aeon Castlevania, I hope you'll like it. I likes the weapon, very artistic ^^

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Dhalsim | Street Fighter II

Well, he is Dhalsim, a yoga based style fighter from Street Fighter II and up until Super Street Fighter II.

Actually,,Dhalsim is often depicted as having pupil-less eyes. Hmm~~wrong lens.. He wears torn saffron shorts as his only clothing attire as well as saffron wristbands and anklebands. Dhalsim was also the first character in the Street Fighter series that used a teleportation technique known as the Yoga Teleport. He uses unbelievable stretching body to expand his attack area.  
This cool cosplay by KibaB, taken by BigWhiteBazooka at Anime Expo 2009.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Ciel Phantomhive Black and White | Black Butler

Shorty boy with mature personality from Phantomhive estate and company.

He is usually portrayed as emotionless or cold, though he occasionally expresses concern for the well-being of the few close to him. He sometimes portrays himself as a happy person, mostly when undercover, but soon returns to his true self.

He worries for Sebastian's well-being, but ultimately sees Sebastian as a pawn. There have been times when he wishes for Sebastian to fail at a task or request for humor's sake.

Ciel's style has attracted much attention from cosplayer, aristocrat couture with long sleeve blouses and shirts, and pants. unfortunately, I can't trace the cosplayer name behind this character..

I believe that this photo concept was taken based on this picture in different costume. Skull + Roses is a beautifully contrast.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Saber the Swordswoman | Fate Stay Night

I really like Saber! Calm, emotionless, strong and cute in one character, Arturia Pentdragon was, at one time, the Saxon king of England, a foundation for the legends of 'King Arthur'. In spite of uniting England in its early years after the fall of the Roman Empire, Arturia had experienced doubts about her leadership, which ultimately led to her downfall.

Now a servant for Shiro Emiya, she is known as 'Saber'. However, Rin Tosaka had tried to summon Saber at the beginning of the series, only to get Archer instead. Because of Shiro's lack of magical experience, Saber cannot assume an invisible form, and as a result must live with Shiro.

Saber does have the advantage of magical weapons. Her principal weapon is Excalibur, the legendary weapon she gained from the Lady of the Lake. She also has Excalibur's sheath, Avalon, which can form a shield around its wielder. She is also an excellent swordswoman, which could be the reason why Saber is classed as 'most excellent' as a servant.

I believe her pose too model looklike, the character like Saber will make the stronger pose.. but still a fascinate Saber cosplay.^^

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Portgas D. ace Execution at Marineford th| One Piece

Also known as Fire Fist Ace or Hiken no Ēsu in Japan. 
Ace was much more intelligent, polite, and generally more bearable than Luffy, which prompted the Straw Hats crew to question whether he was truly related to their captain. While several people who knew Gol D. Roger noted that Luffy is quite similar to the late Pirate King, Whitebeard himself claimed that Ace's personality wasn't much like his father's. 
It seems that among the very few things the brothers shared was their recklessness as pirates. However, Ace liked to party as much as his brother does. When he boarded Buggy's ship, he was drawn by the smell of food and decided to enjoy himself while he was there. ^^For me, this is a good potrayal for Ace, his expression i mean.^^based on the Execution platform scene.WellDOnE!but who is he?(CN???)
Exte:  Thank you for Danielle to let me know, he is Kaname-sama ^^ and decrease my unknown post. He is the same cosplayer who cosplaying Sanji!! if I compare Sanji, Portgas in this post, and another Kaname's Portgas,,,,,hmhm....looks same~

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Amane Misa | Death Note

a famous model, an popular actress, a singer, and now a Sweets Program Host!Wew~!She is Amane Misa, a top idol from Death Note manga who called herself as third person "Misa-Misa" to be cute. Nice idea for Alodia's photo session.
Obata said that he remembered "having a lot of fun" while looking through gothic lolita magazines and drawing Misa. In response to a question inquiring about which characters the creators faced the most difficulty in creating, Obata selected Misa. Obata said that he had difficulty comprehending the concept of "doing anything for the person you love" and that he felt like the character controlled him when he drew her.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Dr. Franken Stein | Soul Eater

A mad scientist who works as a teacher at DWMA. His name is a reference to Mary Shelly's novel/character Frankenstein. He views everything in the world as a specimen to be experimented on, including himself, leading him to drive a large screw through the side of his head and interweave his own skin, clothes, and even his laboratory with stitches.

He normally serves as a kindly father figure to his students, though he suffers from chronic bouts of madness that compel him to try and dissect anything in sight, wearing a twisted and sadistic smirk during these intervals.

His greatest strength is using his Soul Perception to read his opponents' souls and use the data he acquires against them. He works well with many weapon partners, including his childhood partner and Shinigami's current weapon Spirit (who he also experimented on in his sleep) and his old flame Marie Mjolnir.

Even without a weapon, Stein is a master martial artist and can unleash potent attacks with his soul wavelength alone, making him a deadly opponent in any situation. Anybody know the cosplayer behind Stein?Let me know^^

Friday, October 1, 2010

Cagalli Yula Athha | Gundam SEED Destiny

Aw~Pretty match person! I've found 'Cagalli in winter kimono' photo from my old database,,as you can see at photo wahtermark,, she is CN-Asato and Ros as photographer make nice framing catch for her. I loves her kimono, bright yellow.

Cagalli Yula Athha, the adopted daughter of Uzumi Nara Athha, tough and headstrong, and her impulsive nature often leads her to take bold risks. She is also Kira Yamato's twin sister, although neither is aware of this until late in the Bloody Valentine War. In Gundam SEED Destiny, she takes over her late father's position and becomes the Head Representative of ORB.
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