Tuesday, December 27, 2011

SeeU | Vocaloid3

Korean first vocaloid which capable fo bilingual language(japanese/korean). Her release was October 21, 2011 (South Korea) and December 16, 2011 (Japan). Her name based on phrase "I see you" with moe character like  some Vocaloid persona.
Some Elements of SeeU costume is: Nekomimi(speakers), Neckband(cd-player), soundwave plat on her yellowshoes, pause switch at her back, power swicth at her neckband, and play switch at her headphone.

aaand, this is the best cosplay i could find so far.
ok. let's check it!
- Nekomimi, ✔ wrong color
- neckband,  ✔ the color turn in silver(?)
- mini dvd, ✔
- soundwave plat, ✖ noplat n wrong color(SeeU's shoes should in same color of her top)
- pause button, unknown
- power button, ✔
- play button. unknown

until know, korean just have 1 capable vocaloid, so i guess the short hari vocaloid above is fanmade.
not sure about the gender, tomboy or male(?)
Nice try!i luv SeeWon/Usee's trousers, looks nice.^^

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