Friday, March 25, 2011

Canti | FLCL

Collector's edition Canti. Red and Rocks!
Canti is a human hearted robot in FLCL anime. The original is red, really rare and expensive^^'
the familiar is blue..more welcome than the red one^^'for my pocket :p

Solid cosplay, the color and movement makes a stunning photo. Cool cosplayfolio!Good job!;-)

I can't find the layer identity, anybody knows about the layer? no face, no watermark, really can not help -.-


  1. I'd love to do a cosplay like this, anymore pictures available?

  2. I'll post some Canti soon~in this week.
    it´s quite difficult to find a cosplay in same quality like this, so be patient ^^

    hope the best for your cosplay~^^


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