Friday, June 11, 2010

Rabi en Rose | DiGi Charat

Who "Rabbit in life without worries", that's Rabi en Rose or in common french call "La vie en Rose", Rabi from Rabbit for  replaced La vie. Excellent concept. Antagonis character with rel name Hikaru Usada (*・ω・*) like Utada Hikaru. :-D she really hates being called "Usada", so called this girl Rabi en Rose. She works along with Dejiko and Puchiko at "Gamers" an anime shop. Rabi has big dream to be a superstar idol where Dejiko is her rival.
Isn't she cute? Minaizi make this character looks cute^^good job!
DiGiCharat: Rabi en RoseDiGiCharat: Rabi en Rose

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