Friday, June 18, 2010

Mizunashi Akari | ARIA

Hello there! My name is Akari Mizunashi and i'm currently living on the water planet known as Aqua. I left Man-Home (which you call Earth) to start a new life working as an undine (a female gondolier) for ARIA Company. Right now, it's just myself, Miss. Alicia and President Aria. 

But i'm never bored. I've made lots of friends like Aika, Alice, Akatsuki, Al. Even the postman. Everyone on Aqua is so friendly. 

I love how peaceful and laid back it is. My goal is to become a full fledged undine at my own pace, and have fun doing it! 

Oh, and if you are friends with my sister, Konari Williams, please take good care of her. Thank you.

~Akari Mizunashi

That's slice of Akari's mail to her pen pal, in anime is Ai-a customer in first episode-, in manga is someone that Akari never seen-he is Caitsith-^^.
At the start of Aqua, Akari arrives on Aqua as a new Pair (apprentice) at Aria Company. In chapter 5 of Aqua, when Aika is promoted to Single(journeyman), Alicia tests and promotes Akari as well. Later, when Akari's two best friend were promoted to Prima (full undine), Alicia gives Akari the test for Prima. When Akari passes, she is given the title "Aquamarine" (Distant Blue). :-DDShe is my 1st favourite character.

This is the cosplay that I think best describes Akari, her look, her costume, though these pictures were taken only on the basketball court but this is a beautiful photo. She is Sakuya, You can see more of her from credit link that I gave in the picture. C U!^^

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