Monday, June 14, 2010

Magic Knight Rayearth

Three student with different character and schooll was called  by Princess Emeraude, the prayer of  Cephiro. They are Shidō Hikaru, Ryūzaki Umi, Hōōji Fū.

Once there, they meet Master Mage Clef.Clef explains, one's will has the ability to change reality for better or worse. The dark fears in people's hearts become monsters, while a well-intended wish can do miracles. One person, the Pillar, whose will is stronger than anyone else's, is responsible for maintaining through her prayers the well-being of Cephiro.

In the first story arc, the current Pillar, Princess Emeraude, has been captured by her high priest, Zagato. The three girls are charged with the task of saving the Princess by activating the three Rune-Gods. They are given a bizarre creature named Mokona to guide them on their journey. 

When the girls finally reach Emeraude, they learn that she had fallen in love with Zagato, hindering her ability to pray solely for Cephiro's well-being, and had summoned the Magic Knights to kill her since no one on Cephiro could harm the Pillar....Magic Knight Rayearth is one best manga from CLAMP and run at November 1993 in Nakayoshi. I can't completely found who really cosplayer play in this turn, just Tasha for Ryūzaki Umi.They have pretty nice overall for this cosplay turn...(^.^)v

edit: I'm already found the cosplayer for Hikaru and Fuu, they are Yukari and Ren.

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