Friday, June 25, 2010

Alice Carroll | ARIA

Alice Carrol or Arisu Kyaroru is talented undine from Orange Planet. Aika later describes her as anti-social and complains about her tendency put on a grim face and speak in a quiet voice. Although initially only a Pair, her rowing already surpasses both Aika and Akari's—for which skill she was scouted by Orange Planet despite her young age.

Despite working for rival companies, Alice, Akari, and Aika often practice together, and Alice sincerely enjoys the others' company, though this does not stop her from telling them to be quiet when they argue. Because of her age and lower status, Aika often addresses her as "kōhai-chan" ("junior" said in a friendly manner).

Through her friendship with Akari and Aika, Alice lightens up as the series progresses, though she still struggles with her detachment. Alice is the first one get prima title both of them, her title "Orange Princess" -like AQUA sky before blue-.

Alice is most popular character in ARIA, childish, talented, and has beautiful voice(the reason may be). This the beautiful one can I get from Kipi's cosplay showcase....and one again...

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