Monday, February 14, 2011

Evangelion | my valentine

About this Eva-girls cosplay, I've ever post here.

Happy Valentine for you all, especially for my CosFam!
Hope all of you being Pink because of love~~~chu!

Every kind of shop filled with thousand red and pink color chocos, roses with uniquely shape. the lovers looks happy and the singles feel left out...
hey guys! Valentine's day is not just for lover!that's a beautiful day for spreading love like nice morning for biking. lets smile and do something different or unussual in this sweet day, we've all we need to love arround I chillin' out with my best friend for life,make single party holiday!how about you?

don't left my blog untimely, I still have 8 cosplay to share, Ten couples(include Lambdadelta) cosplay for this valentine,,ok!Lets begin!

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