Saturday, February 26, 2011

Caroline | Glamour Soul in Paradise Kiss

Long time no see!,, and welcome to my new Cosfam, thank you for follow me. very appreciated that.^^
in this ordinary morning, and ordinary activity, cosplay as unussual life always make alternative to imagination limit, so lets begin this day in imagination and hope for next(waking dream).
an ordinary high school student who bored in repetitive and meaningless life. After being "kidnapped" by Isabella and whisked away to Paradise Kiss's "atelier", she begins to discover new depth to her personality and life. Her real name is Hayasaka Yukari and "Caroline" is her stage name(named by Miwako).

I've another Yukari cosplay in garden dress, but I prefer this.^w^Unique face model in Caroline cosplay is gorgeous...dramatically grand. I love this high fashion look!! very gorgeous.. good job for the team~

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