Monday, February 14, 2011

Takashi Abe+ Ren Mihashi | Ohkiku Furikabutte

..or Big Windup! is a baseball manga by Asa Higuchi.

The protagonist is Mihashi(Blonde) whose nervousness and extreme lack of self-confidence is at odds with his skill, a result of his passion and dedication to pitching.

And Takashi abe forms the team's battery along with Mihashi.Abe is a serious and mature character, whose short temper is often inadvertently provoked by Mihashi. He is very strategically-minded and initially values Mihashi for his obedience in team games. Abe is a capable catcher, signaling Mihashi the right pitches after thoroughly examining his opponent.

This just a simple situation in daily life, don't try too hard, but has a good quality for liven up the character.good job!

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