Monday, February 14, 2011

Prince the Ripper Belphegor+Fran | Katekyo hitman Reborn

the pretty unique character! Belphegor is a member of the Independent Vongola Assassination Group, Varia. Once a Prince at 8 years of age of an unnamed country, he stabbed his older Twin brother, Rasiel and was presumed dead. He is known as "Prince the Ripper" because of this event.

and Fran, he is Mammon's replacement as the Varia's illusionist and because of this he must wear a large gray frog hat to symbolise this. Despite acting antagonistically towards the other members of the Varia, he has a calm and collected demeanor, constantly verbally bullying them.

I don't follow this anime(just read manga-first edition ^^:), I just interest for the character design in it,, so I don't know how their relation really..but they two looks closely like friend~or yaoi couple~I've seen some picture like that..

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