Saturday, February 5, 2011

C.C open this day | Code Geass

Morning Cos-Fam!This is February, a month of love, but I don't in mood to use a standart post theme(loves-pinkyblinking). 

But, I'll enjoy your eye(and surely my eyes!) in couple cosplay, couple of friends, parent and child, lovers(light yaoi-yuri is ok!No for explicit), or anycosplay that shown in couple series(little bit photoediting :-P)..

When??surely at 14 February, that's coming soon!

Ok1Enjoy today post in the Science Fiction post theme...
C.C open this day, She's here
Before she gained the power of Geass, C.C. was a ten-year-old orphaned slave. A nun gave C.C. the power of Geass that made everyone fall in love with her(one of them?) She grew tired of the love without limits and focused more on the nun, the only one who was above C.C.'s power. However, when C.C.'s power evolved to its highest point, the nun revealed that she never cared for C.C. and was only using her so that she could escape her immortal life. I love the photograph.^^good sense!

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