Sunday, September 12, 2010

Nina and Arika | Mai-Otome

Mai-Otome, also known as My-Z-HiME, is sort of a second season of My-HiME, except in an alternate reality sort of vein. Most of the characters from My-HiME return, with a few differences, although the show stars two new characters that only had brief cameos in My-HiME: Arika and Nina. 
They are main characters of Mai-Otome, Arika Yumemiya(right) who enters Garderobe dreaming of becoming an Otome like her mother. She possesses the Blue Sky Sapphire, a memento from her mother. And Nina Wang(left), As the top Coral student, Nina dreams to become a great Otome to make Sergay, her adoptive father, proud. She dislikes Arika from the moment they meet although their relationship develops into friendship.

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