Sunday, September 19, 2010

Cure Marine | Pretty Cure

"The flower that flutters by the ocean winds, Cure Marine!"

That's a introduce speech of Erika Kurumi when she turn into Cure Marine.

Erika is 13 years old and Tsubomi's classmate and neighbor and daughter of the owner of the fashion shop "Fairy Drop". In addition, she is the president of the Fashion Club.hmmmh..just like Umi Ryuzaki, may be blue is the color that identical with fashionable personality. 

As Cure Marine, She has powers related to the ocean and can use auxiliary attacks such as Marine Shoot and Marine Dynamite in addition to her finishing attack.

Her catchphrase is  
"Even someone like me, with a heart as wide as the ocean, is at her limit!" 

good looking cosplay that I found from Flickr.

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