Saturday, September 11, 2010

Asuka Langley | Neon Genesis Evangelion

14 years old pilot of Evangelion Unit 02, the second child after Ayanami Rei.

Asuka Langley, at first glance, might come off as a very pushy, conceited, boastful girl with a major superiority complex...
however, she's much more than that. There's a reason for it all. Many confusing as well as shocking things have happened to Asuka as a child.

Her mother died at a very young age and her father abandoned her. All this convinced her that she had to succeed in everything. At the age of 14, she had already graduated from college.

Asuka often pushes around Shinji, her love and yet archenemy. Jealousy rages in her blood whenever he is praised because his piloting talent is so natural, where as Asuka's is pure effort and hardwork.

Later in EVA, we see her synch ratio drop, along with self esteem and Asuka's life slowly spirals down. Unknown cosplayer in traditional uniform of  Evangelion, nice enough. Pretty unussually expression^^

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