Thursday, September 23, 2010

Cure Blossom | Pretty Cure

"The flower spreading throughout the land, Cure Blossom!"

That's how Tsubomi Hanasaki introduce herself when to be Cure Blossom.

Tsubomi is 14 years old and in the second year of the private Myōdō Academy's Junior High School branch. She loves flowers. She has just moved to Kibōgahana (the town's name, meaning "Flower of Hope"), where her grandmother lives.

Her powers are related to flowers and she can use auxiliary attacks such as Blossom Flower Storm and Blossom Double Impact in addition to her finishing attack.

With the other Pretty Cures; Cure Marine, Cure Sunshine, and Cure Moonlight, They fight the Desert Apostles.

Her catchphrase is
"I've had enough!"

Cute pose from Lenfried,, sounds like "Hey!Gals! Look my cute Hairpieces!^^"

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