Monday, August 30, 2010

Inouva | Magic Knight Rayearth

is an anime-and-game-only character sporting an elven appearance and manner. She was a devoted servant of Zagato's—in fact, a birthday present from Emeraude to her High Priest. 
Inouva is not humanoid as she appears, but an animal-shaped elemental of lightning who assumed a human form to better serve her new master. 

Her true form resembles a giant wolf with two tendrils streaming from its head. Her weak spot proved to be the gemstone embedded in his forehead in either form. 
She first challenged the Magic Knights in the Sky Shrine, and would have defeated them if not for Windam's revival. She later resumed his true form and was destroyed by Hikaru.

In the Spanish version of the anime she's known as Nova, which is also the name of Hikaru's darker half in the original source material. Her name comes from the Honda Ascot Innova.

Nova by Nana. Nice pose and armor. love her shoes, white and bold.^^

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