Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Papa D | PetShop of Horrors

CongTian and HuangShan is two of cosplayers that have interest to Petshop of Horrors cosplay.
This is a Japanese horror manga created by Matsuri Akino. The series focuses on the eccentric Count D, proprietor of a mysterious pet shop located in the heart of Chinatown, and the numerous patrons who visit his shop.

CongTian cosplay turn is about "Papa D" cosplay, I know that from the hair. Papa D's is much longer than Count D.^^ Fiuhh~~~~ need more time to find out the character Papa D, because I am not very familiar with PetShop of Horrors^^ CongTian's Papa D is the beautiful papa O.O

Papa D looks almost exactly like his son or grandson (even with identical fingerprints), except that and both of his eyes are purple--I can't see that clearly, may be CongTian use green lens. Like D, he is not human but his species is not revealed.


  1. I am sorry ^.^ but how are the metal nails thing, called? Amazing Count D cosplay <3

  2. Papa D uses Chinese gold artificial nails(like Ming Dynasty empress).
    i don't really know how it called in chinese, at Thai it's called Canggai nails, and Ameh nails at Sumatera.

  3. Thank you so much <3 it was a great help ^^


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