Monday, April 4, 2011

Good Bye Saya (R.I.P)

This is not an hoax! 
Just heard about that this morning,
An cosplay idol, Saya, has passed away on 15 March 2011, early morning.
The rumors about suicide was not true, Miss Saya passed away because of an accident.

This sad news comes from Saya's Fanpages, Dearest Saya, confirmed by her sister. check it here.
very shocked news. We've know about her efforts, and she's so young.
That's why her blog has stopped at 14 March。。。(TTATT)/''/~good bye Miss Saya~

I was deeply saddened when I know about Saya's passing, may she rest in peace.
"Dearest Saya will always be remembered in our heart and love for her will remain forever."
to remember her, since today, I would currently post her cosplay that i love..
dedicated to the people who always love Saya and keep her in your heart.

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