Monday, January 24, 2011

Soi Fon | Bleach

 Soi Fon or Suì-Fēng( in the Pinyin transliteration). 
Suì-Fēng is a relatively short and petite woman with gray eyes and black hair. Her hair is worn short with two long braids bound in white cloth each ending in a large golden ring. 110 years ago(!!), Suì-Fēng's hair was shoulder-length and had a softer look to it.
She was formerly named as Fong Shaolin, at least until she entered Keigun in the Onmitsukidou. After her entry into Keigun, she inherited her great-grandmother's name: Soi Fon. She was the sixth born between five brothers, whom have all died in their first few missions after entering Keigun. Soi Fon was sad about their death, but replaced them in Keigun nonetheless.

I'm amazed for some anime girl that can use costume like that for fighting purpose, wow!
and nice back pose by Hitomi.
ok!this is end of today post session, T.T i'll try to write again next day (immediately as i can)...

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  1. Awesome and Beautiful, that is a great costume and you pull it off well!!



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