Sunday, January 9, 2011

Aya Brea | Parasite Eve

Do you know where we are?! WE'RE IN HELL'S KITCHEN!

My 10th post!^o^
What should you do with a gun  and a black dress? to be Aya Brea..hahahaha^^

She is a fighter. Not because she wants to be, but because circumstances have always seemed to call her to the front line-she was, after all, the only one affected by Eve during the New York Blockade Incident. Left to fight her own battles in situations when no one else could, Aya may have developed a feeling of isolation, maybe even loneliness.

While she has a sense of working with others or, at least, she has worked with organized groups in the past, she tends to act alone. As such, she feels that she’s more effective doing things solo. Her knowledge with weaponry is pretty extensive on her vast field of training. Interestingly enough, she’s also had some experience with unconventional weapons, such as the Gunblade. cosplayed by Kagami.^^

cheerio ( ^ o ^ )/( ^ o ^ )/( ^ o ^ )/

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