Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Dream Of Doll | D.O.D

 Young priest Sha cosplay by King Crimson. Tender Shall cosplay by Jump Love.

     Sha is a male doll from Dream of Doll(D.O.D). He is part of their Dream of Teen line. 17 years old, the priest of Aeren, the city of water color. He has been helping SHALL, the sister of Aeren with purify Lucifer's troops. He decided to sacrifice his life to God, but he has fallen hopelessly in love with Shall with feelings he cannot define. Not like other priest, we is also a wizard.

     Shall is part of their Dream of Teen line too. 18 years old. The sister of Aeren, the city of water color. She has been retrieving poor lost souls from the contract with Lucifer and purify them. She can see future in her dream and Sha's been a great help, but the sadness of the people who didn't get saved is a burden to her as she is after all still a frail girl. She feels Sha's love, but she try to ignore and pretend there is not any feelings between them.
Awesome cosplay, looks live!^^

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